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A couple of weeks back I was asked to capture an event where the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, the Australian Prime Minister, was delivering an address at UNSW. He was speaking to representatives of the Group of Eight, Universities Australia and delegates from the Chinese Embassy inc;uding the Chinese ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, and the Chinese consul general, Gu Xiaojie.

It was a tricky event to prepare for as there was many factors that were not known prior to the day. And there was always a chance that his plans would change last minute and he would not be able to attend! I was able to speak with the PM’s staff prior to his arrival and discuss protocol for photographing Mr Turnbull.

We were ideally looking for a shot of Professor Ian Jacobs, the UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor shaking hands with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Unfortunately they never shook hands and we weren’t permitted to direct the PM to any posed shots.

The next best thing, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull taking a selfie with Professor Ian Jacobs and UNSW’s Chief Communications Officer Darren Goodsir! The PM took lots of requests for selfies in his stride and was even looking for the best light when taking them.

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