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Annual Report Photography

Annual Report Photography

Photographing for an annual report is essentially capturing a snapshot in the life of a company


dri-631An annual report is a snapshot in the life of a company. My role as an Annual Report Photographer is to help tell the story and demonstrate the personality of that company. But that story changes and evolves over time, so yes in the short term it’s about supporting the current investor communication objectives, but longer term, year after year, it is important that the annual photography is kept fresh and relevant, whilst staying true to, and consistent with the values of the brand.

Photographing every facet of a company – from people and workplaces to assets and operations – locally or globally, requires keen logistics skills. You need to be on top of making and managing travel arrangements and shooting schedules. Plus, outdoor locations are often contingent on weather, which always seems to be at odds with an annual report’s production schedule.

I can always find a way to create something special in a challenging situation and save the day for the client.

Annual report shoots often depend on different people and objects being in the right place at the right time. However it’s not unusual to arrive to find that the room planned for the shoot has been double-booked, or that the plant and equipment I am meant to be showcasing in action has been shut down for maintenance work. It’s in these types of situations where my creativity, problem solving skills, and experience come into play, I find a way to create something special out of a challenging situation.

As an annual report photographer, I’m able to follow direction closely, listening to the art director and implementing their instructions so that the company’s representative remains in control of the shoot’s results. But when the need arises, I’m independent and experienced enough to make decisions based on the guidelines and brief provided.

Having worked on Annual Reports and other investor communication materials for over 5 years, I understand the need to run to strict schedules and ensure that image files are prepared and delivered on time. Often though it comes down to the little things. Have I demonstrated OH&S best practice in the shot and am I ready to start shooting the board of directors the moment they walk on set?