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Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Images to sell your benefits and not just your features…


Sydney Lifestyle PhotographyLifestyle photography can include people or places from all walks of life.  Part of the challenge of lifestyle photography is to tell the story or demonstrate real people enjoying their lifestyle and surroundings, be it in Sydney or Australia wide.

Being able to adapt to the environment and subjects are key to being a great lifestyle photographer. Often juggling between ambient (natural) light and artificial (flash) lighting, working with an elderly subject or young children and all to a fast pace to ensure the most productive use of shooting time.

Lifestyle photography is often used for websites, brochures and other marketing collateral for clients such as Universities, Schools, Project Marketing and Real Estate Developers. The images are often for an audience who are yet to experience the organisations products or services. It’s my role to create images that communicate the benefits gained by using the organisation’s services or products. My clients for my lifestyle photography include UNSW, Imagination in conjunction with CBA and Cerebral Palsy Alliance,  Australian School of Business, Australian Red Cross, Delivery and AGSM to name but a few.

Most often I am photographing people who are not models but are ‘real people’! Whilst most people are not used (or fond) of having their photo taken I always like to engage them in the process of creating a great shot and make sure they are having fun too! I find that once I start the photography, the people involved often love the experience by the end . I pride myself on being able to connect and communicate with people from all walks of life.