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Industrial, Construction & Mining Photography

Industrial, Construction & Mining Photography

Not everyone finds industrial & construction photography beautiful, except me.



Industrial, Construction & Mining Photography in Sydney,  Australia for small and large manufacturers, mining organisations and construction clients.

Whether it be images of construction workers, miners or heavy duty machinery professional photography can make a huge difference in how you present your projects and/ or team to your clients.

I’m often engaged to photograph projects and their progress for clients to not only showcase their capabilities, but to also use as a tool in reporting on a projects status in regular meetings and reports.

My industrial, construction and mining photography is often used on websites, annual reports, marketing collateral, investor relations documents, capabilities statements and project tenders.

I am equipped with the proper knowledge and safety equipment to work in almost any environment. This includes a construction white card and all necessary PPE. More often than not a site specific induction is required before entering each site for which I am very familiar with. One thing is for certain with all projects, safety is paramount.

Whilst many clients are seeking high quality photography, there is definitely an art to dealing with people when working in these extreme environments. I’m just as comfortable spending a week on the field with a Board of Directors as I am shooting heavy duty excavators underground.