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Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography

Requiring a diverse skill set, corporate photography ranges from the boardroom to the outback.



Corporate photography can cover a broad spectrum of work, just as companies provide a broad and varied type of services and or products.

Typically when photographing for companies there will be a need for some specific and/ or generic imagery that can be used on both websites and printed marketing collateral.  These images are often added to the company image library from which they can draw upon for the many digital and social media outlets being used.

Examples of images that a company may require are receptionists tending to phone calls or a client in person, staff on headsets, viewing plans or maps, collaborating in meeting rooms on projects and many more.  My Corporate photography is often requested within Sydney, around Australia and occasionally overseas.

More often than not Corporate photography will involve using real staff in real situations. This ensures the authenticity of the images and removes them being viewed as ‘stock’ images bought from image libraries.

If you would like to discuss your Corporate Photography requirements please let me know and I would be happy to talk through project goals and requirements to ensure you get exactly what you want.