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Relaxed Corporate Portraits | Sydney Corporate Portrait Photography

Needing some new corporate portraits, this gentleman was after some relaxed, friendly and approachable corporate portraits.  There was only one problem, he wanted them in an office, but he didn’t have one! As a consultant, he didn’t work out of an office but still wanted the corporate office look.  No problems, I’m always up for a challenge!  I sourced an office space that gave a couple of different looks that was only 10 minutes away from where my client was based – WIN! I had a blast and loved the location, found it hard to stop shooting! Enjoy the portraits!






A little colour here and there… | North Sydney Corporate Portrait Photography

With a big move ahead going back to the US, Sharon was after some business portraits that she could use in her CV and linkedin profile. As many people soon discover when you go looking for images of yourself, most are not quite suitable for business use nor do they portray the message you want to.  After a brief scout of nearby locations, I met Sharon at her office in North Sydney and we moved around to a few different spots for some varied background options. Best of luck with the move Sharon, hope all goes well for you!

North Sydney Corporate Portrait Photograph

North Sydney Corporate Portrait Photograph

North Sydney Corporate Portrait Photograph

AGSM and Microsoft | Sydney Corporate Portrait Photography

It’s always great seeing the finished use.  Shot at the Microsoft‘s North Ryde office (which is amazing by the way!), the chosen image was used in a print and digital campaign for the Australian Graduate School of Management which you can see below.  As part of the UNSW branding guidelines, all of their material must carry the yellow strip and therefore allow for this in composition. Can’t wait to go back to Microsoft again, I could easily shoot in that building all day!

Sydney Business Headshots

Sydney Business Headshots